Stress Reduction: The Missing Link in Your Wellness Routine

Nov 14, 2023
Felicity Reddington
Stress Reduction: The Missing Link in Your Wellness Routine

Unlocking the Secret to Inner Calm: Understanding Stress

My cat, Whiskers, and my parrot, Azure, have a curious habit. Note the way they live: they enjoy every moment, they don't fuss over tomorrow, they don't stress out like humans do. Sometimes, I wish we could all be like them, just living in the moment. Most of us are engaged in the perpetual helter-skelter of work, family, and social life, where stress lessens the sweet taste of life and harms our health. I say this not just as an observation, but as someone who has lived and breathed it. Stress - that elusive, yet profoundly impactful part of our daily lives, can quickly become the missing link in our wellness routine when overlooked.

Perceptive Personal Journey : Stress Sealed and Delivered

Yes, we are familiar with the tale of 'all work and no play', a story we unwillingly enact in our lives more often than we'd like to admit. For me, this reached the climax when I started experiencing sudden bouts of anxiety, sleeplessness and I was generally feeling 'meh' all the time. After a thorough checkup, the doctor pronounced: "Felicity, you are stressed.” Although I was initially taken aback, I soon realized that my body was screaming out loud while I was turning a deaf ear to it, preoccupied with mundane chores. The solution to my predicament was embracing a way of life that mitigates stress, rather than simply surviving in its throes.

Busting the Stress Myth: Stress is not Always Bad

Here’s an interesting fact: not all stress is bad. Yep, you heard right! Acute stress, or a quick response to a potentially threatening situation, is our body's built-in survival mechanism. It primes us for 'fight or flight'. It’s only when stress mounts up and becomes chronic that it starts wreaking its insidious havoc. This can result in conditions like hypertension, depression, obesity, and even heart disease. Yet, recognising this can be the first step towards creating a healthier, happier you by forming your unique stress reduction strategy.

Mindfulness Meditation: The Present Moment is a Gift

One approach that I personally found transformative is mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation is all about being present at this very moment. It's our own personal pause button on the remote of life where we can take a breather, unfazed by the humdrum of our past or the anxiety of our future. Start with tiny mindfulness moments. You might admire the rhythmic dance of the rain, enjoy every sip of your morning coffee or even the simple act of washing dishes can be turned into a mindful experience. Over time, this intentional, non-judgmental focus on the present moment significantly reduces stress levels and even becomes a source of pleasure. Note the magic of the here and now!

Yoga and Exercise: Body Movement for Mental Stillness

As someone who can be rather sedentary (I'm a writer after all), I underestimated the power of movement, until I discovered yoga. The extraordinary relationship between mind and body is a central part, relying on careful, mindful movement rather than hired muscle strength. Surya Namaskars, Pranayama, and Asanas are powerful stress busters. But hey! If twisting like a pretzel is not your thing, other forms of physical exercise, such as jogging, swimming or even dancing, can also dramatically reduce stress. Your brain releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good chemicals, with every move you make bringing you one step closer to being stress-free.

Balanced Diet: You are what you Eat

Just like our beloved pets Whiskers and Azure, we humans also need to be mindful of what we are feeding our bodies. A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains not only nourishes the body but also keeps our mind tranquillised. Foods like spinach, fatty fish, nuts and seeds are rich in Magnesium and Omega-3 fatty acids which are well known for their stress-reducing abilities. Try to reduce consumption of alcohol, caffeine and foods with high sugar content, as these can trigger a stress response in your body.

The Magic of Sleep: Your Own Night-time Stress Dissolver

If you've ever seen my Whiskers cat-napping, you'd understand the sheer bliss that sleep can bring! Sleep is our body's natural stress alleviator. It recharges our mind and body and prepares for another day's work. Multiple studies show that lack of sleep is linked to higher stress levels. So, get your goodnight's sleep, by creating a comfortable sleep environment, sticking to a sleep schedule, and by vigilantly avoiding what I like to call ‘Insomni-Apps’, those bed-time phone applications that keep us scrolling into the wee hours of the night.

Seek Professional Help: Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, stress can prove a stubborn monster to combat alone. There is no shame in seeking professional help. Therapists, psychologists, or life coaches can provide the necessary advice, tools, and techniques to manage stress more effectively. They can help you unravel your tangled thoughts, confront your worries, and devise personalised coping strategies. I sometimes consider them as the gardeners who help us weed out the undesirable thoughts from our mind garden enabling beautiful positivity to grow.

The Wrap: Skip, Hop and Jump Over Stress

In my quest for reducing stress, I realised that it really is the missing link in our journey to complete wellness. It’s not just about dragging ourselves to the gym or cutting out junk food while our minds are tangled in a chaotic web of stress. Incorporating stress management strategies that resonate with your personality, and lifestyle - mindfulness, a balanced diet, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, or even talking to a mental health professional - can be life-altering. As my story attests, the path to wellness begins with understanding and actively managing stress. Remember, as much as eliminating stress is impossible, taming and managing it is as simple as taking a mindful sip of your morning coffee.